WIA-E Bremen briefing on Space tour

On 3 June 2018, WIA-E Bremen organised a Space tour in Bremen.

The Bremen Space Tour has been organized with the support from Alev Soemnez, who perform the event for the Erasmus Students.

The tour describes the avaition and space involvement over years in the Bremen city. The major infrastructures developed in the towns as well as the airplane developed in Bremen which performed the first transatlantic  flight from Europe to America.

Among the 70 people who attended the event, there were students, families and engineers from the space sector.

This was an opportunity to combine the event with Erasmus students. This choice had a great impact in attendance but also increase the visibility of the WiA-E organization.

Below a photo from the event.


Vision: We envision a world where we Europeans collaboratively create an aerospace sector with an inclusive representation.