In order to provide our members with the best and most varied events and programmes, WIA Europe has partnered with the following organisations.


Committee on Space Research

COSPAR's objectives are to promote on an international level scientific research in space, wi...

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International Astronautical Federation

Founded in 1951 to foster dialogue between scientists around the world and support internatio...

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International Space University

The International Space University provides graduate-level training to the future leaders of...

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LUISS Business School

In an increasingly interconnected and volatile business world, the logics of competition are...

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Space Generation Advisory Council

Based in Vienna, Austria, SGAC is a non-governmental organisation representing students and y...

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Società Italiana per l'Organizzazione Internazionale

La Società Italiana per l’Organizzazione Internazionale (The Italian Society for Internationa...

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Vision: We envision a world where we Europeans collaboratively create an aerospace sector with an inclusive representation.