Save the date: WIA-E General Assembly 2017

Dear All,

on Tuesday 20 June, from 12 a.m. to 14 p.m., the 10th annual WIA-Europe General Assembly will be held in Paris at the CNES HQ.

During the General Assembly, we will share changes and news for next year with you.

  • 12:00-14:00 General Assembly at CNES HQ in Paris

Here the Agenda

  • Welcome - Claudia Kessler
  • Approval of Minutes of last Meeting - Luisella Giulicchi
  • Approval of Agenda - Luisella Giulicchi
  • Board composition for approval - Claudia Kessler/Luisella Giulicchi
  • Report of activities 2016/2017 - Luisella Giulicchi
  • Membership report - Paola Belingheri
  • Corporate membership report - Fiorella Coliolo
  • Financial report 2016 - Barbara Imhof

             a) Adoption of financial report

  • Grants Programme - Christina Giannopapa
  • Awards Programme - Christina Giannopapa
  • Reports from local groups - Diana Pueyo

            a) Announcement of new local groups

  • Communications report - Annamaria Nassisi
  • International and institutional relations report - Christiane Lechtenboerger
  • Dialogue with Local Group Leaders - All
  • Any other business (open discussion) - All
  • Closing remarks  - Claudia Kessler

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