WIA-E Bremen briefing on the visit to OHB

On 19 April 2018, WIA-E Bremen organized a visit to OHB System.

OHB System AG specializes in low-orbit and geostationary small satellites for scientific research, communications and earth observation, leading-edge technologies for manned space flight, models and studies for exploring our solar system as well as reconnaissance satellites and instruments for broadband wireless transmission of reconnaissance image data for greater security and reconnaissance.

The event has been divided in two parts: presentation from the management and women engineer on the main projects and later a visit to the Clean rooms.

20 people from different industries and some students took part to this event. It was granted the possibility to have a dedicated meeting room to host the event, as kind contribution from OHB in catering and small gift.  The topic was interesting mainly because most of the participants come from the satellite application field and the visit to the clean room shown satellite integration steps.

Below a photo from the event.


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